Emma Gebhardt: The Fashionista!

The Fashion and the girl, or is it the girl and the fashion...?!

I want this blog to be an escape for you...and escape for you to go to when your swiping through dating apps and no ones swiping right on you :( When your friends are leaving you out...when your dog eats your homework! I want to be the Friends theme song of your life.  

                                                   Fashion N Me:

Hi! So you've made it to my page...well, let me tell you what i'm all about! I discovered fashion at a young age and never looked back. It insanely drives me to be a fresh and new, and even a better person...because if your dressed to impressed your sure to impress the right people, maybe your future boss, bff, boyfriend...soulmate?!?! You never know the right statement piece could very well draw someone to you, catch their eye, and cause the start of a new conversation, thus, creating new beginnings...soul catching relationships...all that from an outfit you ask...yes! I say! Anything is possible with the right ensemble, and I swear to it!

                                               Vintage N Me:

I first learned to love vintage when I went to boarding school in New York, down by the mountains. Somewhere, in the middle of no where there was this hole in the wall, super little shop, FILLED with vintage...and I instantly fell in love with EVERYTHING. I realized clothing doesn't have to be super expensive to be worth something...and I cherish the ripped up, super old, smelly guns n roses shirt I got at that shop, still, and totally will for the rest of my life. I will be posting some of my vintage picks and selling them on this website. I will be selling my old clothes and vintage finds. I will also be posting some lookbooks of me and my friends in some vintage my heart cant bare to sell (sorry) but at least you get to see the pretty pictures! :)))

About this weirdo blog of mine...


what its not:

1. influencer-like

2. boring

3. stupid

4. lazy

5. fabricated

6. like the rest

7. impersonal

8. all about the likes, comments, money


What this blog is all about:

1. Fun

2. Self expression

3. passion

4. friendship

5. acception

6. genuine to the core

7. fashion

8. vintage

9. creativity 

10. self-love


Why should i subscribe you ask??

You should subscribe because I will ALWAYS keep it honest and real with you. No editing out zits in my photos, no fake glamorous life, just crazy old, messed up me sharing my life with you all...and trust me its interesting...don't believe me? Subscribe and see for yourself!

My available clothing for sale!

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Bummer Pre-Summer??

Don't be sad! be glad! OR AT LEAST MAD...LIKE CRAZY, BECAUSE... CRAZY IS FUN...


Well, I have some good news for time, this too shall pass, but in the  meantime...we have got to figure out stuff to do! 

Here's a list of self-care activities you can do to ease the agony:

1. Jumping Jacks: For real, do as many as you can...make a game out of it...keep trying to beat the number of jumping jacks you got in a row than the last time...keep trying to beat it. This relieves anxiety, and is healthy competition (even if its with yourself), and it's also great exercise!!

2. Read A Book: I know boring right?!?! Basic stupid advice huh...well let me tell ya, I feel ya, I love to write but NEVER read! But I bought a poetry book about a few weeks before the outbreak started, and I began to read it recently and some of the poetry really speaks too me. Start small if your not a big reader, like me, I started with a poetry book. For you, it could be a comic book, fashion magazine...anything! Just fill your mind with productivity and knowledge, find something that interests you...and run with it!

3. Perform A Recipe You Have Never Done Or Tried Before: Feeling hangry?? Eating out of boredom and gaining  a bunch of weight? I feel ya! Well, find a recipe off Pinterest and run with it! Try and make the recipe you choose on the healthier side because we all know were all snacking a lot during this time of idleness. BUT, with a healthy recipe, it can be a huge confidence booster to make, create, and eat your very own meal you made for yourself, with love! 

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