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Just being myself!

I advocate for self-love

You should never feel alone, because you have YOU...and fashion ! Practice self-love, and everything will be ok, I promise

schedule a brunch event with me :)

I am having a super fun event that you can schedule on this blog for you and me to get all dressed up and have a fab brunch and ill give you all the life advice I have, also I can answer all the questions you may have, talk fashion, self-love, and how to run your own fashion blog! I'll teach you all I know about how to get that perfect picture for Instagram, too! Let's eat!

I am a strong believer in soulmates

Though I may believe in soulmates, it may not be the typical...guy meets girl, guy falls in love, they get married, and spend the rest of their lives together. For me, that is not the case. I believe a soulmate can be anyone...a best friend, a tutor, a grandparent...someone you truly connect with. When you find your person treasure them and don't let them for thought! I use fashion to bond with others, and find my soulmates...what can you do??

I am selling my clothing on etsy and poshmark!

Check out my Poshmark and my Etsy... I am posting curated, beautiful, to die for clothing every day and most of it is gorgeous unique MUST HAVE vintage! I am going to have a sale soon so stay tuned!!!

Big news: i am applying for college again!

I have decided after dropping out of a college that wasn't meant for me, I am going to give college another go at it! I will keep you all updated on the applications and if I get in to the college of my choice!


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